Strategy for Passive Income Online

My strategy for total passive income is a 4 part strategy. The 5 parts are: EarnHoneyKoinMeSlideJoy, and Ebesucher, Also check out out Pro Tips Section to maximize profits. 

EarnHoney - A site that allows you to run videos/ads 24 hours a day to earn "Honey Dollars" (HD) Which can be cashed out into Amazon gift cards or direct cash via Paypal. This can be run on an unlimited number of devices and with multiple tabs per device. The only catch is that you can only make as much money as there are ads to show. At times the site does go dry, but other times it is easy honey (See what I did there). Max earnings are 100 HD per hour or 1 dollar per hour, so $24 per day, but to do that would require 5+ devices with multiple tabs on each one. Realistically expect $2-7 per day. EarnHoney also offers surveys that pay pretty well and run promotions often to encourage users to log in. For more information on EarnHoney go to our EarnHoney Page

KoinMe - This site is the new kid on the block and is currently only able to be joined by invite only. Click KoinMe to submit a request to be invited. This site is very slick and currently provides around $1-2 completely passively, set it and forget it, you can even minimize the window. Currently offers are only able to be viewed via laptop or desktop but mobile is coming. They offer cash outs through gift cards like Amazon, Walmart and Best buy. I think this site will really grow into something special and getting in on the ground floor is a huge opportunity. 
SlideJoy - is an lock screen app that lets you earn money simply by unlocking your phone. Each time your screen locks you are presented with options to further explore advertisements or even news articles (which are actually up to date and interesting). This app is a way to earn money in a very non intrusive way and can easily make $5-10 per month in passive income.

Ebesucher - While not as high an earner as the two sites above is still a very non intrusive way to earn $5 per month per device you run with it. Basically once you sign up you have a tab open on your browser that will automatically jump to various web pages to generate traffic for those pages. The really neat thing about this site is that instead of cashing out in a traditional sense through Paypal (which you can do) You can instead use your points to have your site added to the traffic exchange. So if you have a website you want to promote this is great way to drive some traffic to it. Personally that is more valuable to me then the $5 per month. 

So there you have it, my 4 pillar strategy to passive income. Set up and execution time for all 4 things is less than 5 minutes a day. So just to recap. EarnHoney and KoinMe can both provide $2-7 dollars a day easily depending on the amount of devices you run with them. SlideJoyand Ebesucher bring in about 25 - 50 cents per day. Monthly this comes out to around  $5-8 per day/$ 150 per month/$1,800 per year Results will vary based on amount and quality of devices, but this is overall a pretty conservative estimate. And again, this is not a scam boys and girls, this is just regular people like you and I getting a piece of the giant advertising money pie. 



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