EarnHoney Passive Income

EarnHoney is a website www.earnhoney.com that allows you to earn a few bucks in passive income per day. They also offer surveys for cash and often have promotional opportunities to earn extra honey per day. 

          But how does it work?

Companies pay big money to drive traffic (views, hits, clicks) to their websites, videos, products. Part of the way companies do this is by paying advertisers to push that traffic out to consumers (you and I) The big companies do not care so much about the quality of the traffic that is driven to their site because ultimately that, we will call it "shadow" traffic will push their website, video, product up the list on search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, etc.

As a member of EarnHoney you can benefit from this and become part of the force that drives this shadow traffic.

EarnHoney essentially pays you to watch ads on your computer, it is a slow process, but it is a passive one (you can set up your computer to run, go to bed, go to work, come back and you have made 50 cents to a dollar per computer that you left running).

This might sound like small potatoes (get it, the blog is called that) But lets do some math (really quick and painless I promise). Let's say you have 3 computers, each computer will earn you anywhere between 50 cents and 2 dollars a day it can very widely based on the number of  paid ads that Earn Honey has on their website at any given time.  So, for arguments sake, let's say $1.25 per computer per day so (1.25 x 3 = 3.75), this equates to (3.75 x 7 = 26.25) per week, (3.75 X 30=112.50) per month, and (112.50 x 12 = 1,350) per year.

            Sounds pretty sweet right, an extra $1,350 per year, what if you went and asked your boss for a raise like that? Wouldn't you be happy to get it.

Well now you can give yourself a raise by just running a few videos in the background of your computers. Even just one computer is still $450 extra per year.

           What will you need to get started? Luckily not a whole lot.

First, you will need a decent laptop or desktop computer (preferably several).
Second, you will need access to electricity (obviously) and relatively fast internet, at least 3Mbs downstream. Be sure that you do not have a maximum allowed amount on your broadband usage, if you do you will need to be mindful of how much data you have used per month as using Earn Honey does use a significant amount of data.
Third, Make an EarnHoney account here www.earnhoney.com  and start running videos on your computer to earn "honey" which can be converted into Amazon gift cards or a direct deposit to your paypal account.

That is it, really, that is all you have to do. The website offers surveys and other ways to "Earn Honey" and some of those are worth the time so check those out too if you are into that kind of thing.



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