Saving a few Bucks a day

Want to save a few bucks a day on buying things you were going to purchase anyway?

                Well you are in luck, because it is super easy and efficient to do.

First rule, never make impulse purchases (it is cheaper some place else, I promise).
Second rule, when you know what you want, do your research online before ever going into a store. If you are already in the store, look on your phone for a better deal.
Third rule, Once you have found the item you want for the best price available, look for coupons online before completing your purchase.

                This all might sound incredibly easy and obvious, but you would be very surprised (or maybe you wouldn't be) that so few people actually do this before making a purchase.

                And I am not just talking Big purchases..... but EVERY Purchase! Video games, clothes, toys, books, anything and everything.

Below are some sites that will help you accomplish this. Oh and One more thing to keep in mind. When things are on sale that you know you will need over the course of a year (air filters, coffee, cereal, diapers, detergent, etc) Go ahead and buy it at the discounted price and store it until you need it. A little planning goes a very long way.  - I use this site several times a day, there are always new deals being posted and it is easy to search for a product specifically. - Anytime before I go out to dinner or make a purchase I check this site for coupons to save money. This site has saved me hundreds if not thousands over last 5 years. - If you are into video games then this is a great site to check and find deals on. The website's name really says it all. I also recommend the podcast the guys do, it is a fun time.

There are tons of others deal sites out there, but these are the main three that I use, none of them require any sign up or commitment to take advantage of the savings that they provide.

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