Pro Tips for Passive Income

While following the 4 Part Strategy, a little maintenance can go a long way. 
            Below are a few recommendations I have to make the process run smooth. One thing to mention is that if you are not using a PC to run Perk TV or EarnHoney then you should be using a Amazon Kindle Fire, I have found this to be much more stable than cell phones or other more expensive tablets. 

First, for EarnHoney and KoinMe do not run more than 2 tabs per service per device. This is for multiple reasons.
            Most PCs will load the videos extremely slow if you try to do more than that and that will ultimately cause you to earn less honey/points then you would have with fewer windows.

Even if you have a high end computer that could run more windows it is probably not a good idea as these sites are tracking how much you earn and are not going to let you make hundreds of dollars a day doing this, they just aren't.

             So be smart, be practical, and don't be greedy. My personal rule is to not make more than 10 dollars per day with any ONE service, that does not prevent you from making more than that collectively though.

Next,  Running all of those videos for long periods of time can really fill up your internet cache with data, this in turn can cause the videos to load slower and prevent you from maximizing earning. I recommend clearing your internet history to include cookies/temporary files/download history at least once a day. I also recommend downloading and using CCleaner, This is a free program that cleans your entire computer (including internet history). Doing this daily will increase performance and help maintain your PC.

              Finally,  in conjunction with clearing your cache daily, I recommend signing in and out and opening new windows to run your programs each day. Just a good habit to have some interaction with these windows. The sites have varying requirements for how long you can be logged in for any one session, but I have found that just signing in and out for all services, EarnHoneyKoinMe, and Ebesucher is just good policy.

Restarting your machine at least once a week is a good idea also. 

So there you have it, just a few easy tips that I have found to help the entire process run smoothly. Just consider these preventive maintenance measures that you can take to prevent computer crashes or websites dropping.

                Leave any questions in the comments.



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